A Proposal – The Muse-Trap by Bella Basura

In The Muse-Trap, Bella Basura – having abandoned the Gregorian Calendar as “an utterly random division of time” – takes us on a journey through her “alphabetically deranged chaos of memory”, initially in search of two lost lunar months of consciousness.

In moments of lucidity she attends meetings at Hecate’s Tavern – the only pub on a seven-church leyline – where she takes the minutes of St.Giro’s Philosophical Society – a lottery-funded (fingers crossed) offshoot of a Training For Work scheme that provides support for the unemployed by the unemployed.

She is also attemping to make sense of a mysterious orange pamphlet by the notorious Doc. Gordon Tripp, a national celebrity and lecturer in Altered States of Consciousness…

Bella Basura

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