A Proposal – The Twisted Times of Bella Basura

The Twisted Times novel is intended to be an eleven chaptered excursion through a series of physically, chemically and psychickally altered states, filtered through the subjective and distorted lens of the narrator – Bella Basura.

Bella’s single-minded pursuit of one drug or another provides an arbitrary but compulsive narrative drive. Like a piece of straw blown on a storm of her own devising, she is propelled through a vortex of increasingly bizarre and repetitive encounters .Amongst some of the curious entities she meets are: Frankie Fucked-Up , The Marquessa, The Princessa Pestilence, Dolly Deviant, The irrepressible Doc. Gordon Tripp and Jesus Good-One  – a naked shoeshine boy.

In order to recreate the mental processes of Bella I have chosen to suture my original writing with Cut-ups, Detournement, and pure plagiarism. I have used sentences  and words from a wide range of sources, for example William Burroughs, Kathy Acker, Guy Debord, Lewis Carroll, Edith Piaf, Thomas De Quincey, Milton, James Herbert, Aleister Crowley, also travel books, biography, rock’n’roll lyrics and ephemera.

Like Bella’s quest, the text is not an easy passage, and the narrative turns on itself, returning full circle to the beginning, with the sickening inevitability of a dragon chasing it’s own tail.

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2012 edition currently being serialized here

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