Other short book reviews

Keeping Heart on Pine Ridge – family ties, warrior culture, commodity foods, rez dogs and The Sacred by Vic Glover
Publisher Native Voices (USA)  ISBN 1570671656 9781570671654

This 160 page paperback really is a  must for anyone enchanted by Sweat Lodge, Sun Dance, Church of Peyote & other romanticized Native American notions. Vic Glover, a 21st Century Lakota, writes sharp witty essays from “a tarpaper drinkers’ hut” on Pine Ridge Indian Reservation – “probably the worst place on Earth a dog could be born” – where unemployment is 85%, and half the population over 45 has diet-related diabetes. Published by a Native American small press.

(Jean Dark 2005)

The Hidden Masters & The Unspeakable Evil 
by Jack Barrow
Publisher Winged Feet ISBN 095153291X 9780951532911

Jack Barrow’s first novel is a comedic look at the world of new age and pagan practice. It follows the doings of Clint, Nigel and Wayne, The Three Masters (two from Hemel Hempstead and one from Bricket Wood), as they attempt to save Blackpool from a supernatural evil entity. All this is wrapped up in Jack’s off-beat wit and quirky perspective told in his hilarious, often ridiculous, occasionally surreal and frequently thought provoking style.

(Jean Dark 2006)

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