Review of Interactive Little-known Leicestershire and Rutland CD-ROM

Interactive Little-known Leicestershire and Rutland
CD-ROM (for Windows, Mac, Linux, or any web browser)
Text and photographs by Bob Trubshaw
Published by Heart of Albion Press, Wymeswold, 2002
ISBN 1 872883 53 2
Version 1.1 (May 2002)

This CD-ROM is an impressive Earth Mysteries resource for the wired-generation.

Starting from the Main Index, access to information on a particular site can be gained through the Map of Places menu or through the A – Z of Places menu. The menus are plain, straight forward gateways to an abundance of local folklore and fact.

Deeper research into specific architectural features can be followed up through the links in the modestly titled “Introductions to:” essays.

Although the user interface has a sensible, clear layout, without fancy gimmicks or annoying unwanted ‘pop-ups’, there are over 550 colour photographs by Bob, with proper informative captions and a very liberal copyright notice.

All these areas are meticulously linked to the extensive bibliography.

I was delighted by the “Index by Subject” menu where I surfed with wild abandon, picking up links and references that lead me all around and about some of my favourite Leicestershire subjects. I found expected pieces on the Humberstone and Beacon Hill, but also new sections on moats, pin offerings, foliate faces, scratch dials, deserted medieval villages, Wing turf labyrinth, the legend of Belgrave, and of Black Annis.

The CD-Rom seems set to become a classic reference work in its specialized field. Those more comfortable in a kagool than a Macintosh™ should also seek out the book Little Known Leicestershire and Rutland (ISBN 1 872883 40 0 Heart of Albion Press, 1995), which details 12 field-trips taking in many of the features examined in the CD-ROM.

Jean Dark
June 2002
Printed in 3rd Stone magazine

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