Review of The Reiki Subversive’s Manual by Karl Hernesson

The Reiki Subversive’s Manual – Karl Hernesson. 2002
(73 page self-published pamphlet. £2.50)

This bursting-at-the-seams little pamphlet is recommended for anyone who ever thought Reiki was only for the fluffy-bunny psychic-dolphins from-outer-space brigade. Karl Hernesson shows how Reiki is also a tool that can be used by Eco-Warriors, Peace-Activists & Protest-Pagans too, Reiki as spiritual Non-Violent Direct-Action, in fact.
The pamphlet’s cheery bright yellow ‘smiley face’ cover encases a 73 page treatise & DIY guide which is down to earth, informed, & shot through with valiant idealism & humour. This is Reiki with a big smile, an attuned crystal in one hand & bolt-croppers in the other.
The project’s agenda “…is to use Reiki against the meat-grinder, globalisation & the ‘new world order’, which represent money interests, greed & the continuing rape of the earth & its inhabitants, & to use it for the good of the earth & all life she supports…”.
Reiki can be used to counteract the ‘heavy’, stagnating energies generated by acts of barbarity & oppression. It can be channelled & directed into harmonising the energies not only of people, animals & plants, but also inanimate places & institutions. Karl suggests “The Houses of Parliament, Monsanto… animal testing labs”, amongst others, as being in particular need of Reiki healing. There is also a detailed report of his Reiki land-healing of a vandal-haunted shopping centre in Nottingham, providing ideas galore for the would-be “Spiritual Warrior”.
Karl is a pacifist and describes his techniques as “Reiki Self-Defence”, a spiritual response to the negativity generated by forces of authority. Heavy, negative energies are an expression of imbalance, a way, in fact, of “making a plea for a Reiki healing”. So, if you have Reiki and they need healing… “let ‘em have it”.
For example “If you are a protester who gets arrested, Reiki everything you can, them, the vehicle, the police station, the cell. If you can attune, attune them to Reiki, & everything & everywhere they take you & keep it flowing…violate their heaviness…eat their energies, cleanse & purify them…”
There has been talk of a book length version, published in association with Storme Constantine…. In the meantime, the pamphlet is still a fine introduction to the gentle art of Reiki Subversion.

Jean Dark
May 2005
printed in Dragonswood magazine
And Cambridge Pagan Circle

1 thought on “Review of The Reiki Subversive’s Manual by Karl Hernesson

  1. Comment by Karl Hernesson (author of The Reiki Subversive Manual) “Just to let you know that my primer book, ‘Reiki Light’, in association with Storm Constantine, is now outand is available via Immanion Press as well as various other book sellers such as Amazon, Waterstones and WH Smith.
    I’m currently working on the ‘Reiki Subversives’ book which will be out in the next year or so.
    Bright Blessings :-)”

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