3rd April

Sonnet For David Bowie

So I am pushing through the market square
Where I do see so many mothers crying.
We heard the news that just came over the air
They say we have five years left to die in.
Although last night they loved you and your things,
It is on Am-e-ri-ka’s tortured brow,
Those angels opening doors and pulling some strings
Know that Mickey Mouse has grown up a cow.

But there’s a Starman waiting in the sky
While it has got your mother in a whirl,
There is a Starman waiting in the sky
Not sure if you are a boy or a girl
Run for the shadows in these golden years
Wha wha, gold, wha wha wha, golden years.

This cut-up poem was my first intentional attempt at the Sonnet form.

The formula I used was an English or Shakespearean Sonnet.
That is:
Fourteen lines of iambic pentameter
In three quatrains of alternating rhyme and an heroic couplet.
The rhyme scheme is ABAB CDCD EFEF GG
Line 9 marks a Volta – a turn or twist in the content.
The closing heroic couplet is a summarising or a development of the main idea in the body of the poem.

– I deliberately chose a Shakespearean Sonnet variation as it felt apposite to link Britain’s historically most lucrative theatrical export to Britain’s currently most lucrative popstar export.