Uncanny Experiences at The Temple of JobCentre  as Bella Basura
Experiments With Mind-Altering Technology as Bella Basura
Re-Enacting Ancient Rites as Bella Basura
Propaganda for the Twisted Times novel as Bella Basura
All printed in CamFIN (Cambridge Free Information Network) summer 1999 issue

Necro-Tourist as Bella Basura
A Pixie-inc. pamphlet

Report from Oxford Golden Dawn Symposium at Conway Hall as Jean
printed in full in CamFIN (as above) and in an abridged version
in Pan’s People Leicester pagan newsletter May 1999

Retrospectives as Doc. Gordon Tripp
An anthology of the Lectures. A Pixie-inc. pamphlet

Articulations as Bella Basura
A Pixie-inc. pamphlet
Including Criminal Damage? Nah mate! I’m a muralist in the Social Realism style
as Bella Basura

Assonance and Nonsense as Bella Basura
A Pixie-inc. pamphlet

Musing as a Art Form – Doctor Gordon Tripp’s third Lecture
with an introduction by Sonja Spike Girl
published as a Pixie-inc. pamphlet with
Memory Tree
The Yew Meditation
The Fourth Lecture as Doc Gordon Tripp

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