e-archive for Doc. Gordon Tripp

The Pursuit of the Mystical Experience Through the Use of self-Induced Altered States of Consciousness – The first lecture of  Doc. Gordon Tripp
Pixie-inc. pamphlet 1997

Flickering & Retching – Lights & Liquids – The Doctor Gordon Tripp’s Experiential research into Altered States of Consciousness. The Second Lecture.
Pixie-inc. pamphlet  1998

Retrospectives as Doc. Gordon Tripp
An anthology of the Lectures.
Pixie-inc. pamphlet 1999

Musing as a Art Form – Doctor Gordon Tripp’s third Lecture
with an introduction by Sonja Spike Girl
Memory Tree
The Yew Meditation
The Fourth Lecture as Doc Gordon Tripp
Pixie-inc. pamphlet 1999

Headpress Guide to the Counterculture edited by David Kerekes and Simon Drake 2004
included reviews of Necro-Tourist pamphlet, and The Muse Trap novel by Bella Basura
and of Doc Gordon Tripp Lectures Again 

Fasting With The Fool as Doc Gordon Von Tripp
Pixie-inc. pamphlet 2008

Introduction and curator for Bella Basura’s e-archive
on Bella Basura’s Site blog 2011

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