Performances  as Bella Basura

Scarecrow Corner Winter Warmer Strawberry Fair Benefit at The Devonshire Arms
Cambridge 18th December

Ash Coop Stage at Mill Road Winter Fair
Cambridge 3rd December

Street Lives, Night Lives & Love Lives
at The Devonshire Arms
Cambridge 3rd November

Back Room Stage at The Bardic Picnic
Northampton 7th August

The Wild Strawberries – Allographic spoken word stage
in the Eastern Bloco, Strawberry Fair
Cambridge 4th June

Scarecrow Corner Strawberry Fair Benefit
at The Devonshire Arms
Cambridge 15th May

Impromptu Open Mic

Around The Wicker Man Fire and around The Hearth Fire
at The Mercian Gathering, Warwickshire

Justin Thyme’s Spoken Word Stage at The Umbrella Fair, Northampton

Mark McGivern’s stage at Strawberry Sundae at The Portland Arms

Fay Roberts’ Allograghic Spoken Word in The Library, CB2

Heather McVey & Friends at the Six Bells


27th April
Film Night At The Rebirth Convention as Bella Basura
Published on Short Tale Shrew website
Honourable Mention in their Micro-Fiction competition

4th April
Nightfall as Jean Dark
published in Earth Pathways Diary

10th March
Strawberry Fair Armpit Hair as Bella Basura
(2016 revision)
Published on Novelty Magazine website

4th January
Tranquility At Dusk as Jean Dark
published in Earth Pathways Diary 2016 


Wickerman Team at Mercian Gathering



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