The Spam Trap

I’m re-re-re-reading “I’m OK You’re OK” and “The Games People Play” today, so that’s what this (at least) monthly blog is about. I could be writing about any number of other things – The full-moon gathering we had, or The Fall gig (I liked the support band – Bricotech?) or Jonny’s open-mic-nite at the 5, no 6 Bells (Spaghetti Faction  spot-on as always), or even just be out chilly in the winter sunshine in the Park just because it’s Tea’s birthday.

But I’m not going to, I’m going to read “I’m OK You’re OK” and “The Games People Play”, because I’m in the throes of yet another “My dumb man done gone an left me again (but I bet he’s just hiding down the pub with that stupid needy piss-head friend of his) why doesn’t he just phone blues” stylee weekend. So in many ways this 1960’s pop-psychology stuff is quite fraught really.

I’m also approaching these books (“I’m OK You’re OK” and “The Games People Play”) with a weird 21st century jadiness, or ennui, that keeps reminding me that all this stuff was written a very long-time ago. And they’re American. They say that an alcoholic man needs the consistent support of up to 5 adults, who are prepared to play roles like “patsy” or “good guy” or “persecutor”  or “rescuer” or “bar tender” and that the “payoff” is not the drinking itself, but the self-castigating hangover afterwards.

What do I want to say in this blog today?

Well, I started out with the intention of making it a weekly blog, then I thought I might manage monthly and now I’m scraping my own barrel, so to speak. I had a plot for weekly posts, a kinda generic rolling theme thang – one week a book review, next week an event report, or an e-archive update – nothing has happened on the e-archive this month and I need to get back to my books (“I’m OK You’re OK” and “The Games People Play”).  So I guested Doc Gordon Tripp to write this blog just for today!

Go Trippy Go!

I’m staying away from facebook and I’ve also signed up to a handful of FREE self-help websites.

I think my brain just got spammed! I almost typed in the URLs of these demented websites I’ve signed up to. I just nearly spammed my own blog!

If anybody out there is actually still reading…Just how mushy is your mind?

I think my phone just rang! Must dash!

Doc. Gordon Tripp
November 2011

1 thought on “The Spam Trap

  1. nice to see your blog Bella.(duly Favorited)
    perhaps I’ll find the inspiration to start my own now.
    i do hope you are well.
    bright blessings.

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