The Gift of Sound and Vision

This autumn just passed I spent a glorious few weeks getting to know my new housemates. In particular, Phil The Man from Uranus – avant garde musician, film-maker, performance artist and all-round Renaissance-Man. One of the projects we worked on together over one weekend was a music video for The Loved Drones single Cosmique Memories.

Later in November, our house were hosts to the band when they played The Cornerhouse in Cambridge as part of their UK tour. The Loved Drones are a seven person anglo-belgian band who play charmingly crafted pop songs, tightly and exuberantly together. Spending time with the band was an amiable pleasure, and seeing them perform Cosmique Memories live was a real delight for me, I did gleam with the light and beauty of my own personal cosmic memories for several days afterwards.

Cosmique Memories

The Loved Drones are: Pretorus Sorel, Claire Wilcox, Brian Carney, Georges Pompidou, Pascal Schyns, Marc Wathieu and Jerome Danthinne.
Les Aventures Sous La Mer are: Jake and Phil Mfu.

Click this link to see:
Cosmique Memories video by Phil Mfu and Bella Basura.

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