An Important Ritual Item of Unascertainable Use

An Important Ritual Item of Unascertainable Use
by Bella Basura

The Vimana free-energy lighting sources faded up in the cavernous main lecture hall of St. Eve Jobs-the-Martyr College Cambridge long before the tumultuous standing ovation had faded down and the striking figure of Professor Gordon Tripp swished in long strides to the edge of the stage. A smattering of august and adoring dons, masters and heads-of-state jostled among the eager young students clamouring by the exit as the Prof strode past with determined dismissiveness. “Professor Tripp! Professor Tripp!” a voice rang out within his head, alerting him to a telepathic message. Prof Tripp turned to face the attractive young post-grad who had recently joined his tutorial group. “Ah! Bella” he vocalised “Did you catch my lecture?” “Certainly did, Sir” she replied with deference “I wanted to ask you about some of your secondary sources”  “It’s all published in last quarter’s Archaeological e-archive report, the spring 2036 issue” Then “Pop over to my office after morning recess tomorrow and I’ll go over it with you” he added telepathically as he turned decisively and swept off in the direction of the Vimana free-energy teleportation module…more

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