Day 9 – NaPoWriWee


I don’t know if I will make it through NaPoWriMo. I have sorely struggled to write productively daily. At times I wondered why, in light of the fact that I have never called myself a poet and never showed much interest in poetry before, I set myself to write a poem a day for a month. I was maundering about the weather and housecleaning for a couple of days before I realised I needed a plan, a framework to get me through a month without feeling it was pointless. That’s when I decided to use the NaPoWriMo month to research and experiment with poetic forms. I wrote a haiku, then  I chose to make a cut-up of David Bowie lyrics into  a Shakespearean sonnet. I  re-examined earlier experiments with Beat poet Brion Gysin’s Permutation Poems, researched and attempted a Triolet, and I’m planning next week to find out about Kenning poems, a form used throughout the Dark Ages as a semi-sacred form – think Odin losing an eye, hanging on a tree for nine days and nights, in order to gain knowledge of the runes and achieve mastery over language.

So, on the bright side – I may not actually make it through NaPoWriMo, but I have made it through the first week. I’ve done a  NaPoWriWee, and I’m hoping to do another one soon.

Today’s poem is a Haiku, called April, like a reprise of the poem I wrote on the first day.

Daffodils clamour, high blue sky,
Yearning equinox,
In the promise of summer.



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