Day 11 – NaPoWriMo

Today I have attempted to write in the Ode form – my inspiration was discovering that the local art museum in town has a piece of Grayson Perry pottery on loan. From that it’s a small step to the inevitable duff pun that gave me my title…

Ode On A Grayson Urn
I’m not big on museum pottery,
Not even if it’s done archaeologically,
Not Meisen shepherd, nor Stafford teapot,
Beaker people beakers inspire me not.
Yet today I felt my enthusiasm burn
While gazing at a Grayson Perry urn
Bulbous fat vase, rounded proud and brazen
Where flowers, faces, and colours are glazen
For among splotches and gilded lillies,
Grayson throws in pictures of big willies.

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