The Truth About The Cult of St Giro as Bella Basura
Drug Psychosis No. 1 as Bella Basura
Adventure in The Paris Underground as Bella Basura
All printed in CamFIN  (Cambridge Free Information Network) summer 1998

Flickering & Retching – Lights & Liquids – The Doctor Gordon Tripp’s Experiential research into Altered States of Consciousness. The Second Lecture.
Pixie-inc. pamphlet

A Sampler as Bella Basura
With images by Chris Massey-Lynch
Pixie-inc. pamphlet

Pompous Portents and Poetry as Bella Basura
Pixie-inc. poetry pamphlet

Visionary Spells and Psychotic Episodes as Bella Basura
Pixie-inc. poetry pamphlet

Vastupurusha Mandala by Patrick McFadzean
With an introduction by Jean Dark
a Pixie-inc publication

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