Doc. Gordon Tripp

I am Doc. Gordon Tripp

I must state at the outset, that I have always been a fictional character, and therefore, of necessity, cannot join in personal correspondence or even be your friend on facebook.

However, this state has never bothered me enough to stop me becoming both a prolific author and a respected television presenter.

I was once contacted, via email, by a real live Dr. Gordon Tripp, he was a psychiatrist in New York. At that point I felt the need to go underground, occultists will find no co-incidence in the fact that my ‘submersion’, so to speak, lasted around about more or less SEVEN years. We deemed this a long enough time for the real Dr. Tripp to quietly die. Whether of shame, or perhaps terror? Who can say.

Despite appearing in both of Bella Basura’s self-published novels , and with a string of lecture tours with four separate, but cosmically entwined lecture papers, published by Pixie Inc. in 1999, under my belt I still felt at a loose end. Needless to say, that no real Dr. Gordon Tripp has intruded on my perfect fictionality since.

All was quiet for me until the sudden appearance of my 2008 pamphlet Fasting With The Fool. I sprang into action, with unprecedented mid-life vigour, culminating in the meticulous cataloguing of all my writings here for the first time in the Doc. Gordon Tripp e-archive.


Doc. Gordon Tripp
November 2011

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