Granny gets Shortlisted!

Liminal Phases flyer.JPG

Back in February I took part in Liminal Phases, a Temporary Temple Productions spoken word performance event with Jonny Marvel, Shakeynavelbones and Faradina Affifi  at CB1 cyber café in Cambridge. One of my pieces, Granny Takes a Trip – billed as a psychedelic puppet show, was  entered for the Soundwork 2015 monologue competition in September  and although it didn’t come first Granny was shortlisted. See here. The winning entry was recorded by Soundwork  so I’m pretty sad that I didn’t win. I guess I’ll need to find another  way, maybe recording the piece myself. Any ideas?

3 thoughts on “Granny gets Shortlisted!

  1. Hey Jean,great news, really well done,and thanks for the plug,I wondered how a couple ov people had stumbled upon my blog site randomly and it’s probs thanks to you! I’m loving your work, babe,it’s been a while since I last looked… See you super-soon, Jonny Marvel 23 Xx

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