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A Poet In The Book Closet

“Take it” said the beautiful woman with the cherubic smile, leaning across the bare wood table, holding out a black ballpoint pen.
I barely knew where to look.
The musty, book-lined library backroom gloom seemed too perfect, paranoia perfect.
“Take it” she said smiling with radiant beneficence.
“And this” she pushed a wiro-bound notebook towards me.
I hesitated. Panic words unleashed into my head.
I’m silently rapping on honeytrap words, glancing at her, but keeping calm.
“Take them” She urged “Don’t worry. Your secret is safe with us”
Her hand gesture drew in the whole room
“We’re all poets here”

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Bella’s new 100-word micro fiction

The Mansplainer
In the sociable, jostling crush of the after-party he felt, once again, that overwhelming urge to pontificate. He glanced out, across the room, seeking an audience.
He thanked his lucky stars that he was taller than most and could easily scan the room without straining his neck. Biological advantages were such a blessing.
His morbid gaze fell on a likely acolyte. At the sight of the pink lace, ruffling around a navel-plunging neckline, his exploding mansplaining gland spurred him into action.
“That one” He said to himself “Doesn’t have a penis”.
And he honed in on her, fulminating fluids a-flowing.

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Flash Fiction Honourable Mention

The results of the Short Tale Shrew Spring Micro-Fiction competition was announced today. The remit was to write a 100 word story on the theme of Rebirth, the winning entry was In Microcosm by Matt Wyles. Read it here

Although my story – Film Night At The Rebirth Convention – didn’t win, I was given an “Honourable Mention” and had my story printed on the Short Tale Shrew website. (You can find it if you keep scrolling down from the winning entry.)


Here is my 100 word response to my (nearly) winning story, it’s called…

Gizza’ Job

Last Rose by Bella Basura 2016

Last Rose
by Bella Basura 2016

…ninety-eight, ninety-nine, one hundred!

Exactly one hundred English words  – remit met, mission accomplished.

A mere smear of short story, a literature in miniature, a fleeting of fiction.

I am giddy in my 100 word hubris – I dream fame for my flash-fiction, imagine professional success, a regular column in a weekend national, a steady income for writing. Sold out fold out, international filler, syndicated, vindicated, a meme beaming out virally into an endless network of recognition,
a cyber celeb,
and known in print, media-whore, desperate.

I think I’ll approach Short Tale Shrew  in exactly 100 words.

See what they think.


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Majhanashoppinglist - Bella Basura 2016

– Bella Basura 2016

The Tibetan Book of Home Economics

Thus, when I wander in Samsara in the realm of the wrathful food emporiums, the supermarkets of the bardo of eternal price confusion, may I not wander aimless to decide between one 200gm tube or two 100gm tubes of toothpaste. May Majhanashoppinglist and his consort Sensiblebugettingbhava go before me and carry me through the fearful towers of the checkouts. Thus, may I not be attracted by the bright flashing colours, shiny celophane, BOGOF and price slashing, but may the clear pure green light of the Exit shine before me and lead me to the eternal bliss of exiting the carpark.

Bella Basura
April 2016

Bella Basura’s  Collection of 100 word Flash Fictions – The Short Answer

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Fiction Flash No.2

Weird Winter Wishes Photo: Phil MFU Cambridge 2012

Weird Winter Wishes
Photo: Phil MFU
Cambridge 2012

Calm Time Charmed
by Bella Basura

It seems I have been here a year, living in this charmed place, a sleepy little bower in the bosom of paradise.

Here, time moves so slowly that it feels never-ending. There, out in the real, grey world time turns gyrations, so that at the intake of a breath galaxies burst into being, only to recede into cosmic void at the beat of the outbreath.

So that by the time I make up my mind to return,
hundreds of thousands of years have passed, and I suspect,
everybody has evolved into a future-race of super-bellicose giant killer-crabs,
walking sideways, angrily.

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