napowrimo Sonnet for David Bowie

My third napowrimo day – and although it’s probably cheating, and certainly blatant plagiarism – I have constructed a sonnet made up entirely from doctored David Bowie lyrics.

Sonnet For David Bowie

So I am pushing through the market square
Where I do see so many mothers crying.
We heard the news that just came over the air
They say we have five years left to die in.
Although last night they loved you and your things,
It is on Am-e-ri-ka’s tortured brow,
Those angels opening doors and pulling some strings
Know that Mickey Mouse has grown up a cow.

But there’s a Starman waiting in the sky
While it has got your mother in a whirl,
There is a Starman waiting in the sky
Not sure if you are a boy or a girl
Run for the shadows in these golden years
Wha wha, gold, wha wha wha, golden years.

Fish Mythology – Flash Fiction

Finally, I have managed to capture in words my tumultuous feelings around the death earlier this year of my one-time Hero, freak out to the Teenage Moon Dream oh yeah! – David Bowie. The piece is a 100 word Flash Fiction story, that has a specifically East-Anglian setting because I live in East-Anglia.The piece, Fish Mythology, is sub-titled “if David Bowie had been born an Eel instead”


Fish Mythology By Bella Basura

Eel Bowie-Fish

 Here Eel Bowie-Fish fell, brandy-drunk, face down in the Ouse.
Down where Bulrush buds waver in clear still water, beneath we writhing bottom-feeder shoals, we elvers and catfish, he deep under layers of earthy mud, dark dead debris.

Here in leaf-litter and rot lies the corpse of old Eel Bowie-Fish, who lead us to conquer the Isle of Ely, on the Fen he crawled on his fins, on the floodplain he walked on his tail, like a bishop, into the Cathedral, resplendent in his flowing robes.
But here lies Eel Bowie-Fish , decomposing in slow-motion undulations, while we pick his bones white.

Bella Basura’s in progress Flash Fiction Anthology – The Short Answer

Bella Basura
Feb. 2016