The Short Answer

Further Flash Fiction by Bella Basura
from the proposed Anthology – The Short Answer – short stories of 100 words in length.

Auntie Shocked Sees The Light Photo by Bella Basura 2013 Still from "Abandoned Video" With Phil MFU

Auntie Shocked Sees The Light
Photo by Bella Basura 2013
Still from “Abandoned Video” With Phil MFU

Precog Moment

Shaking firm hands with poker-faced thank-you-for-your-time, I close the door behind me.

Standing waiting for the lift down, I depressingly relive the interview.

I see myself lurching, a raddled old maid in rouge and blotchy mascara, wearing a charity-shop power-suit, manoeuvring square shoulder pads into a diminishing round hole. I trail mendacity and inappropriate extended metaphors across the interview room carpet. Bluff and fluff falling away.  The interviewers look at me, disappointed in their expectations, they recoil, their faces cave in and close.

Instantly, I know it’s over, even before I mention my criminal record and false identities on Facebook.

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